The area which is famous for its' thermal waters and Piroshka! (Hódmezővásárhelykutasipuszta)


In Hungary there are three different climatic zones, and the most amount of sunshine in our country is in Hódmezővásárhely, and the South East. It is 2000 hours per year.
There are several thermal baths in this part of the country.

During our trips you get to know a lot about the culture, and the every days of the Hungarians. The main attraction of the trip is a real (organized actually) Hungarian peasant wedding. Professional folk dancers will introduce you to "csárdás" (traditional Hungarian folk dance), and at the same time they will teach you a few basic steps too. You can also enjoy traditional Hungarian food and drinks, just what they would have at an authentic Hungarian peasant wedding.

While you are visiting this beautiful part of the world, you get to know the full story of a German author and his Piroschka.